About Us

About Marine Culture

Since 1989 Marine Culture has been producing, selling and marketing quality Pacific Oysters. Combined with a flair for innovation and a strong company development, Marine Culture has become Australia’s largest and leading privately owned operation.

The spread of our quality Pacific Oyster farming operations across three (3) regions and six (6) growing areas of Australia allows us to present the seasonal ‘cream of the crop’ at most times of the year. With the introduction of spawnless (Triploid) oysters Marine Culture is able to supply oysters to its customers twelve months of the year.

For international customers, particularly those in the northern hemisphere, Marine Culture is well placed to offer counter seasonal quality oysters.

All production is backed by world famous shellfish quality assurance programs run by the governments of Tasmania, South Australia and New South Wales; and all are regularly audited and approved by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS)

Marine Culture’s production is enhanced with quality oysters from other reliable, independently owned and operated leases.

The Marine Culture Advantage also extends to :

  2.    Providing mature oysters from areas with high and low salinity
  3.     Consistent size and quality grading enhanced by the use of computerised scanning technology
  4.     The use of lighter, breathable poly bags with an average weight of 18kg
  5.     Remote growing areas for minimal potential pollution impacts
  6.     Excellent customer service
  7.     All care taken for total compliance with Cool Chain requirements both at farm sites and with     reliable refrigerated transport suppliers
  8.     Modern growing systems enhancing quality and minimising WH&S issues


ACN :          009 578 492

ABN :          45 353 296 631