Within Australia


Marine Culture's primary focus is to supply fresh, quality oysters to the discerning Australian consumer via wholesalers, with the majority being located in the states of Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. 

Supplying oysters to the state of Western Australia and to the Northern Territory becomes problematic due to the distances from our farms, combined with the length of time that it takes to get the live oysters to these locations. For example it takes six (6) days for oysters to be freighted from our Coffin Bay farm in South Australia to Perth, Western Australia - leaving very little time to reach the end consumer before their 'use by date'.

Marine Culture uses refrigerated transport to freight the oysters from the farms to the interstate markets; with Toll Tasmania being the main carrier used in Tasmania; and Dennis Transport and Adelaide Refrigerated the main carriers used in South Australia.

Prior to despatch, the oysters are sorted and then placed in white, polypropylene bags. The bags are placed on pallets, prior to being loaded onto the trucks.

In considering Worplace Health & Safety (WHS) issues the bags used for packaging are approximately 78 x 38 cms and when filled with oysters average a weight of approximately 19 kgs.

To achieve this, the quanities per bag per oyster size are as detailed below :


Oyster Size Quantity per bag
Bistro (50 - 60 cm shell size) 30 dozen
Buffet (60 - 70 cm shell size) 20 dozen
Standard (70 - 85 cm shell size) 15 dozen
Large (85 - 100 cm shell size) 10 dozen