Dunalley,  Tasmania

Dunalley, also referred to as Lease 44, and located in growing area ‘Blackman Bay’, is situated approximately 50 kilometres south east of Hobart, just north of the historic Port Arthur site on the Tasman Peninsula. Dunalley was acquired by Marine Culture in 2005.

Lease 44 has proved itself as a reliable conditioning area with some growth capability due to the vast oceanic water flows through this growing area, and also in part to the outlet of the man-made Dunalley canal at the southern end.

Dunalley comprises a total of 14 hectares inter-tidal leases, 8 hectares zone 8, and 6 hectares zone 5. It is 60% developed with a 2 hectares freehold land base. Inputs are on-growns from either Little Swanport or Pittwater.

This operation’s grow-out system is fully set up with BST adjustable lines and SEAPA tubes.

A copy of the latest Tasmanian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (TASQAP) management plan and annual audit certificate is available in the downloads section.


Washing off the boat deck
Our Blackmans Bay 'boys' out on the lease