Coffin Bay


Coffin Bay, South Australia

Coffin Bay, in growing area ‘Coffin Bay’  comprises :

  1. Deadmans Lease
  2. Shallow Beacon Zone
  3. Kellidie
Lease LA00333
Lease LA00334
Lease AL00410
Licence AQ00186
Licence AQ00188
Licence FM00542
1.38 hectare
0.62 hectare
0.50 hectare


It is situated approximately 55 kilometres west of Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula; and is possibly the most famous of the South Australian oyster growing areas. All inputs are from our Ceduna operation.

Coffin Bay comprises a total of 2.5 hectares of inter-tidal leases (as detailed above) fully developed with a 1,400 square metre freehold land base.

This operation’s grow-out system is fully set up with BST adjustable lines and SEAPA tubes; and enjoys the benefits of the Tasmanian developed and built SED computerised oyster grader.


    Coffin Bay - one false step and you can be shoulder deep in water
    Loading oyster tubes onto the punt in readiness to be put into the water
    The pristine waters of Coffin Bay