Ceduna,  South Australia

Is situated in growing area ‘Denial Bay’ which comprises –

    Swan   Lease                        AL00064            Licence  FM00031           10.76 hectares
    Archepelego  Lease            AL00073            Licence  FM00040           19.23 hectares

and in growing area ‘St Peters Island’ comprises –

    Vivonne  Lease                   AL00236             Licence  FM00352             6.60 hectares
    Library  Lease                     AL00251             Licence  FM00376           13.30 hectares

Ceduna is situated near the South Australia / Western Australia border, and about 500 kilometres from Coffin Bay. 

It is our South Australian in-house on-grower, accepting all seed inputs (5mm) directly from our preferred hatcheries and then supplying our grow-out farm at Coffin Bay with input sizes generally up to 60mm as required.

It comprises a total of 50 hectares of inter-tidal leases with 26 hectares, and a 4.38 hectare freehold land base plus 62.8 hectares of additional freehold.

This operation’s grow-out system is fully set up with BST adjustable lines and SEAPA tubes; and enjoys the benefits of the Tasmanian developed and built SED computerised oyster grader


Maintenance works being undertaken on St. Peters Island lease, Cenduna
Low tide at the Inshore lease at Cenduna
Sunrise at Cenduna