The most important factor of the Pacific Oyster industry in Australia is the reliable supply of 'seed inputs' from hatcheries.

As part of its Risk Management Strategy, Marine Culture has a large share-holding in Shellfish Culture Pty Ltd, a Pacific Oyster hatchery located at Clifton Beach, some twenty kilometres east of Hobart.  

Marine Culture purchases the majority of its seed from Shellfish Culture, but also sources its seed from other hatcheries, such as Cameron of Tasmania - located at Dunalley, Tasmania.

Pacific Oyster growers, along with the hatcheries, support the development activities of the Australian Seafood Industry's  Thoroughbed Oyster breeding program.

An important and relatively new development for the industry is the production of spawnless (Triploid) oysters. Generally the normal (Diploid) Pacific Oysters spawn in the peak consumption demand time of summer; so the development of the Triploid oyster has resulted in good quality oysters being available all-year-round.