Little Swanport


Little Swanport

Little Swanport, Lease 18, located in growing area “Little Swanport” .  It is situated about 108 kilometres north east from Hobart on the central East Coast of Tasmania.

Little Swanport is the site of Marine Culture’s first entry into Pacific Oyster farming in 1989. It enjoys a very high reputation in the market. The farm comprises 32 hectares of inter-tidal and sub-tidal lease (20 hectares inter-tidal developed, considered complete) and a 3.28 hectare freehold land base; with a further 20 hectares of undeveloped lease in Triabunna, approximately 22.8 kilometres south of the farm site.

Little Swanport’s  role has changed to now being the main Tasmanian in-house on-grower, accepting all seed inputs (5mm) directly from our preferred hatcheries; and then supplying our grow-out farms at Pittwater and Dunalley with sizes as required.

Within the Marine Culture structure, this farm is unique as it is our only Tasmanian farm to provide from “hatchery to palate”.

The ‘market grow-out system’ utilises some of the open topped dual basket units; with the BST adjustable lines and SEAPA tubes being used for the on-grown stock.

A copy of the latest Tasmanian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (TASQAP) management plan and annual audit certificate is available in the downloads section


Oyster racks at the Little Swanport farm
Looking back at the Little Swanport shore base
Some of our Swanport 'boys' with spat trays to put out onto the racks
The grading & sorting shed at Little Swanport