Lower Pittwater


Lower Pittwater

Lower Pittwater, also referred to as Leases 7 and 28, and located in growing area “Island Inlet” is situated about 25 kilometres east of Hobart, and was acquired by Marine Culture in 2006.

Leases 7 and 28 are separated by about 3 kilometres, and have very different dynamics.  Of these two leases,  Lease 7 is currently  the main source for market ready stock.

Lower Pittwater’s primary role is as a secondary ‘on-grower’, assisting Little Swanport to maintain the input demands of the main market producer at Dunalley (Blackman Bay lease).


Lower Pittwater comprises a total of 14 hectares of inter-tidal leases with Lease 7 ‘Island’ 10 hectares fully developed; Lease 28  4 hectares nearing completion; and a further 2 hectares leased shore base.

This operation’s grow-out system is fully set up with BST adjustable lines and SEAPA tubes.
A copy of the latest Tasmanian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (TASQAP) management plan and annual audit certificate is available in the downloads section

The clear blue waters of the Pittwater lease
Looking down one of the racks on the Pittwater lease
Our Pittwater 'boys' heading out to the lease
Loading bulk bins ready for grading and sorting