Spare a Thought ...



Spare a Thought ...

Oyster farming has a very close connection to nature and 'the elements'. An oyster farmer has to work in all weather conditions



                                        An oyster farmer has to work out on the lease in all weather conditions


So .....

While you are enjoying a plate of delicious Tasmanian oysters in front of a warm, cozy fire during a cold winter's day,  spare a thought  for our oyster farmer who has had to 'brave'  the winter elements to collect them from the lease

With the adoption of the grow-out systems using BST adjustable lines and SEAPA tubes, greater flexibility has been achieved in the harvesting process -  in weather conditions that would be deemed 'less than favourable'.

Heading out to the lease at Coffin Bay (South Australia)


... oyster farmers have to work in all weathers

The Little Swanport lease in 'wilder weather'
Working on the lease at Ceduna (South Australia) on a medium tide